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Acqua CBD Coffee tastes great! We frequently hear that Acqua CBD Coffee is the smoothest coffee that our customers have ever tried. The addition of resveratrol has no effect on the flavor, aroma, or hue of our coffee, but contributes to a smoother, fuller bodied cup. In double-blind taste tests, our medium roast beat the leading medium roast by a 5-to-1 margin

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a naturally occurring compound that is found in the Cannabis sativa and hemp plants. CBD is legal under federal law if it contains less than 0.3% THC and comes from hemp. Acqua CBD Coffee is made with CBD derived from industrial-grown hemp and contains 0% THC. Our CBD is independently tested to confirm it does not contain THC. Some states do restrict the purchase and use of CBD including ID, SD, WV, NE, and KS. In California, CBD is legal, but only when purchased through a licensed provider. We cannot sell CBD or Acqua CBD Coffee in California at this time, but we hope to resume shipments soon.

No, our coffee is produced using CBD that comes from industrially grown hemp that does not contain THC. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a cannabinoid which produces psychoactive effects, including the high associated with marijuana use. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that does not produce a “high.”

Hemp and marijuana are the same species of plant, but over time have been bred for different purposes and have different cannabinoid profiles. Industrially grown hemp is used for its fibers, seeds, and oils, and contains only trace amounts of THC. Conversely, marijuana is grown for the buds and flowers which contain THC, and over time has been bred to contain a much higher concentration of THC than hemp plants.

Our coffee is infused with CBD sourced from industrial hemp that does not contain THC and it is highly unlikely you would fail a drug test. However, depending on the test used, it is still possible that you could test positive for cannabinoids. Our customers should acknowledge this risk before consuming our Acqua CBD Coffee.

CBD has not been evaluated by the FDA and we cannot claim that CBD treats or cures any disease. Recent research has suggested that CBD may help reduce pain, improve mood, and help alleviate anxiety and stress. You should consult with your doctor to find out if CBD is right for you.

There are few side effects associated with CBD. Cannabidiol does not cause a psychoactive “high.” Our product is infused with CBD sourced from industrial hemp with 0% THC. The few minor side effects that have been reported include fatigue and changes in appetite/weight. You should consult with your doctor if you are taking other medications and start with a low dose if you are unsure how CBD affects you.

We obtain our CBD from a highly reputable third party. It is sourced from industrially grown hemp, and contains 99% pure CBD. It has also been independently lab-tested to verify it does not contain THC.

While Acqua CBD Coffee is sourced from 100% organic coffee beans, we cannot certify our coffee as organic without paying thousands of dollars to a third party to certify the patented Resveratrol infusion process. We hope to achieve this certification one day, but you should know that we strive to use organic, fair trade materials as often as possible

We infuse our Coffee with Resveratrol after roasting, leaving it unaffected by the extreme temperatures of the coffee roasting process. Resveratrol is a robust natural compound, able to easily survive standard brewing conditions. Our independent testing reveals that Resveratrol is delivered without degradation to every cup of Acqua CBD Coffee.

Yes! If you would like to learn more about Resveratrol, please check out a list of studies related to the health benefits of this potent antioxidant.

Resveratrol supplements are expensive and wasteful. Resveratrol is not water soluble and not bioavailable in pill form, meaning that most of it is never absorbed. It simply passes through your system without benefitting you. Resveratrol in red wine is bioavailable because of the alcohol which solubilizes it, and other natural compounds. Vera Roasting Company was founded by an organic chemist with 25+ years of experience studying organic compounds. He was able to steal a page out of Mother Nature’s playbook by using all-natural complexation agents found in red wine in a patented formulation to give Acqua CBD Coffee a bioavailable form of Resveratrol. Acqua CBD Coffee delivers Resveratrol in a form that our bodies can rapidly assimilate.

No. Our coffee is infused with Resveratrol that is extracted from the skins of red grapes that are left over from the wine-making process. Acqua CBD Coffee does not contain alcohol or taste like red wine.

We infuse the same amount of Resveratrol into every cup of coffee as you would receive by drinking one 4 ounce glass of wine, or about 1 mg per cup.

Yes, Acqua CBD Coffee is Fair Trade Certified through Fair Trade USA.